Cover Contest for "Love Shot" (OPEN)

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Since I think a lot of awesome creative artist are in forums too, I am conducting this here too! If anyone of you here is interested, the story outline is given below. and you can post you entry here when you are done that is if u want to participate but here at least one tag should be made and should comment below as Joining!

NOTE: It’s not compulsory to have a ig to partcipate. You can post your entries here if u dont have ig. Your entry will still be included!

  • Story Title: Love Shot
  • Author: Madhu

Story Outline:

Razira is the head of the most feared gang in her country, Pulo. She inherited it from her father and has been doing a good job of maintaining it for three years.
Everything goes smooth until her dad’s death arises the confidence to take them down to her enemies. Her own love, Nigel, gets killed by her due to this. All of her life she lived before that was fake and full of lies which made her a cold-hearted demon who is not afraid to kill.

After Nigel’s death, she was heartbroken and needed something to distract herself. She’s an excellent bike racer so she organised a success party in her bikers arena. There comes an unwanted visitor who is a biker himself, who had no idea on what’s going on her crazy world.

Unfortunately, he gets caught in it and she feels that he is too innocent to survive her world and feels the need to protect him for some reason but what if he was the solution to her problems? What if he could be the one to mend back a broken heart? Will, he let her in because monsters like her tend to break in and consume one’s heart very easily leaving a huge scar when they leave?

Final question is, Is Kai ready to dance with the demon herself? Careful what you wish for Kai, A love shot can be really suffocating…

Hope you guys enter! The cover can be drawn or not drawn!

Feel free to ask any doubts!

Anyone knows any artist who would be interested to join, tag them! and my ig is @epi.enchantress


done updated!

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amazing! Good luck if you are! If you need more info about the characters or anything else, feel free to PM me!

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Sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged


Gotta join! but just wanted to know that how are ya going to use all the entries in your story?

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I will use other entries as intro/ outro in my story and will change them weekly. @Frey @MinaMy4531 Thank you for joining! Good luck!

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No problem!! I’m taking a break from forums But I will still be able to do the contest

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I would like to join :grin:! Do mind if anyone changes the outfits a bit, or do you prefer them to stay the same?



I apologize, if you didn’t want to be tagged.


Outfits can be your choice dear! and tysm good luck!

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Thank you :grin:!

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@Frey @jeni.creates @MinaMy4531 @Grimm_writez

Reminder! The contest is still ongoing and you have 2 months and 10 days from now!


Okay thank you for the update! I have actually been really busy so I haven’t started yet I just have the characters created but I will start pretty soon!

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thats fine take your time

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of course i would love to see your new styles!


Hi @Madhu ! I hope all is well. I have finished my entry. I made two versions, so feel free to you one of the other or both. I hope you like it :grin:! This is my second edit and i’m FINALLY getting the hang of it. (After spending hours of raging on my paint editor to work lol :woozy_face:)

Version 1:

Version 2:

Hopefully, the picture size should be right. Please let me know about any problems. Thank you!

If you use it, you can credit me @A.O_Writes. I do not have an epi insta yet.

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I think I might join since I’ve been in a mood to experiment with making more covers. I can pick any style, right? Also, I can make either a small, large, intro, or outro?

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yep anything!

it looks amazing dear! tysm for taking your time to do this! I love it! :heart_eyes:

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Here you go! I made you an intro.

First set - Original.

Second Set - Filter.

Third Set - No Filter.

I hope you like it! If you decide to use them, please credit me “Intro made by aaliyah.creates on Instagram!” :black_heart: :blob_hearts:

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