Cover contest for “mafia lovers”

Hello everyone, fantastic editors! I would need the following things:

  1. Small cover
  2. Large cover
  3. First page
  4. End page

The story is called “mafia lovers”, on episode my name is Anna B.

It’s a story with dark tones, he’s a bad guy who’s part of an organization, she’s the typical rich neighborhood girl.

There are two main characters:

  1. Alexander:
    Skin: caramel
    Face: defined triangle
    Hair: unstyled faux hawk, black
    Nose: button
    Lips: uneven
    Eyebrows: thick arch
    Eyes: round piercing, blue

  2. Athena:
    Skin: honey
    Face: soft heart
    Lips: full round
    Hair: beach wave, strawberry blond
    Eyes: upturned feline
    Brow: smooth arch

Anyway, everyone can customize the characters, so you are free to do as you wish.

It would be nice that the backgrounds also had dark tones…

This story has reached 20k of views, so as a prize I can put you in credits in each episode and I could also upgrade your character in some episodes if you want.

For more informations you can still contact me on Instagram: and publish the edits there, then I will choose the best ones.

Oh, and I‘ll obviously put ALL your edits in my instagram stories for trying!

Thanks to everyone, if you would like to help it would be wonderful🖤


Is there anything specific you want on the firat page or end page? alsoooo is there anything you want the characters to wear or is that up to me? :grin:

Whatever you want, as long as the title is there😅