Cover contest for new story~

Hi everyone! As you can see from the title, I’m helding a cover contest. I need both large and small covers for my story. Details will be down! Thank you for joining!

Skin: Gold 02
Eyebrows: Arched Thick Styled (Black Dark)
Hair: Hair Flip (Black Dark)
Eyes: Deepset Almond (Brown Dark)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full Wide (Rose Light Nude Gloss)


Plaid Princess Seam Skirt Cotton Neutral Grey Dark
Collared Bow Tie Shirt Tucked Cotton Red Rose
Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Black Snake Skin

Description of story: Tired of the way her school works, Piper decides to make a social club for asocials. Except, members aren’t aware that they are members.

Title of the story: Welcome to Asocial Social Club

For inspiration: Piper is very carefree and childish. I’d rather the cover focusing her- meaning you could blur the background~ :heart:

Prize: I’m not talented in editing so I can’t really make you an edit, but I can help you with directing if you have a story, you can also be a character in my story! Other than that, you’ll have my gratitude forever!

Everyone is free to join! ^-^


Oh! Forgot the deadline! I need it by December1st! Thank you! :heart:

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I would like to try please.

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These are the details! Thank you for participating!

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I’ll work on it :blush:

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No, anything is fine for me! Thank you for joining! :heart:

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It’s “EL” thank you once again :blush:

Thank you soooooooooooo much! You’re amazing! I’m in a loss of words :sob: Thank you for participating! I appreciate it! :heart:

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Bump! 1st of December is the deadline!

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Thank you @abygail.bauman for joining! Please PM me your character details if you want to be in the story! I appreciate you! :blush:

@Sydney_H this thread can be closed! Thanks!

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink:

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