Cover Contest For New Story


COVER CONTEST SINCE I GOT 350 AND MORE FOLLOWERS!! I am writing a new story again and I need a cover! There will be 2 winners one for the small and one for the large cover! I will give credit in ny story and let the people be 2 main characters in it! You have until September 4th. If I publish it sooner I will use my own until I get pick the new winners! :blush: Story name is “Caught In Love” not gonna give any other details since it is a surprise use the charcters I put above! :grin: Author name “TeahWalker323”. Thanks!!!


U took my advice hehe :upside_down_face:


I did :grin:


Can’t wait to make one! <3


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Im done it do u want me to send it on discord or on here?


On here


I will make one and you can see it tomorrow.Should I post it here?


Yes :grin:


Love it!!




Lol I forgot the author name


Its fine! :joy:


Question: What is the story about? Is it about a cop breaking the rules for someone she falls for or does she help him escape because that would determine what mine looks like! :grin:


More like breaking the rules for the guy she caught for murder but fell in love with him while guarding him and maybe breaking him out in the future


Ok thank you!! It just helped me to determine the background!!


and the background isnt what i want



The reason why I updated it was because I wanted the background to be darker and because I forgot to add Written By: TeahWalker323. I added some keys and bars to make it look a bit more real. Also if you look closely you my see the sipder web somewhere on the bars :smile:


Awwwww its so cute!!!


tysm <3