Cover Contest For New Story


Okay… :sweat_smile:


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To make things clear, I did not steal anything. I didn’t say I drew it or anything, so I’m sorry for any misunderstandings. And sorry for the off-topic post.


Okay :sweat_smile:


Hey when is your story coming out


Hopefully next week I need to get my art scene and finish up a chapter :sweat_smile:


Ok just wondering it sounds really cool thx xxx




@everyone It will be published soon waiting on a art scene still (in the making :grin:) then need backgrounds to be approved. Episode 3 is being started tonight :sweat_smile:
Chapter one may not be too long but gets longer and better :upside_down_face:


@everyone hopefully publishing tonight or tomorrow going to fix little spot directing & layering, add music & sound.

Backgrounds are all approved!!!