Cover Contest for Oasis (or The Artist On Broadmore Avenue)

I have a story I’ve been wanting to release for over a year, but I’ve been so tied up in other projects. But, I finally want to release it, but I still need covers.

Art can bring people together, no matter the kind. Nate is a musician, Anisha an artist. Will their different lives keep them apart, or will art keep them together?

Anisha (Details)
  • Toffee
  • Medium Soft Arch
  • Beachwave Hair (Black)
  • Upturned Luxe (Brown)
  • Diamond
  • Upturned
  • Classic

Clothing doesn’t really matter, she hates skirts and dresses

Nate (Details)
  • Light
  • Medium Soft Arch
  • Cade Hair
  • Gentle Almond (Toffee)
  • Diamond
  • Button
  • Uneven (Blush)

Again, clothing doesn’t matter

End Date: October 19th, 2020

Prizes will be added when I have better ideas.

Drawn or edited, both characters don’t have to be in them.