Cover Contest For Wind Of Change


I’m re-writting one of my stories, and I really want it to turn out the best it can. If possible, I need a small and large cover, in INK. It can be drawn, edited, just the characters posing, anything.


Title: Wind Of Change
Author’s Name: Hotel Hideaway


  • Dark
  • Defined Natural
  • Ponytail Locks in Black
  • Upturned Bold in Auburn
  • Oval
  • Hooked
  • Classic in Dark


  • Taupe
  • Thin Arch
  • Cade Messy Hair
  • Narrow Gentle in Toffee
  • Sculped Oblong
  • Button
  • Small Round in Taupe

It doesn’t matter what the characters are wearing. That is your choice, along with the actions, background and any other details

Please feel free to credit yourself on the cover(s), and give me how you’d like to be credited if your cover is used

Thank you so much to anyone!

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Might enter.

I might be able to help you

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Hmm. With what you can help with?

It’s okay that I create hair for them, right?
And is the story a love story or…?

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It’s drama/romance. And yes.

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