Cover Contest {OPEN}

And welcome to my cover contest! This is a Limelight cover contest, so if you don’t create LL Covers well then… carry on!
This contest starts on the 19th of May and finishes on the 30th of May! I may or may not extend the time.
First things first!

The Rules!

  1. Any type of Cover is allowed! Art, Edits, ect.
  2. Do not! Copy anyone’s ideas or use someone else’s art.
  3. You can enter up to 3 covers!
  4. You can create ether A Small cover or A Large cover.
  5. If You are entering you must comment below!
  6. Please don’t be upset if you don’t win.


Name: So This Is Love
Author Name: Molly
After the love of your life is killed in a car accident you think you can never love again, that’s until you meet Noah Miller.

Character Details


Skin: Gold 02
Eyebrows: Arched Short, Chestnut Brown
Hair: Long wavy parted hair, Strawberry blonde
Eyes: deepest downturned, Dark Hazel
Face: diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: full heart pouty, fair gold matte



If you have any questions please ask!



I have a cover.

That’s called a splash :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh well. I tried.

I am making now though. Actually, I am making 7…

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It’s beautiful but I’m specifically looking for a cover, thanks for commenting though!

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I’ll enter tomorrow. You gave us the male outfit but do we have a female one?

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I’ll send it over right now.

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There you go.

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I’ve never joined a contest before, so is this all the information we get?

My thing involved the love of her life who died, and I was wondering how to li and mc meet, like where???

Basically they meet through school but he was just leaving school as she enrolled, The MC is a model but hasn’t been getting a lot of attention so she changes agencies and oddly enough Noah is the new company owner.

If you need more info please ask!


Here is my entry I might submit another but i’m not sure.


:woman_facepalming:t3: Didn’t I make a whole cover for this?

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Hi, yes you did but I can’t close this cover contest.

Hello! What type of theme is the story? (ex. scary, funny, romatic)

A bit of romance, drama and mystery


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Ohhh kk

Here is the small cover I made for you!

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