Cover Contest ! (story tittle : Roseville City Of Secrets -make sure to put the story tittle on the cover you will make and also my episode name: elisabethstarrr-)


Hello guys! I am an episode writer and I’m starting to write a new story about a mistery , love, teenage drama and i would like to have a large and a small cover for it! The Contest rules are ;
(P.s. pls make sure to put a tittle and my username in episode is elisabethstarrr and if you enter write it in the comments just to know please :smile: )

1- Try to do your best :grinning:
2- Have the covers ready until Next Monday (you have to weeks from now):laughing:
3-Make the characters THE SAME as I will have them in a story , no google pics :hugs:

Now let’s give some deets!
The story is typically a teenage mystery sooo I would like to have the crew mc characters:

to sit on that couch:
On a dark bakround wall and I want it to have written with grafitty in the wall (red colored grafitty)“Everybody has secrets”

Thanks! I hope that theese are enough deets for a cover, if you want more comment down!:grinning::rofl:



Woowwowowo amammazibg cinamon


Thank you!


Hey that’s amazing!tHanks I really appreciate and like it!


Just wondering do all of the characters have to sit on the couch?
because I want to enter but I also really want to ask that question


Thats how I thought about it in the idea but I don’t really have a problem if you have any suggestions or ideas☺


okay thank you


No problem!thanks for entrance! :slight_smile:


Also would you pls make sure to put my username on episode elisabethstarrr and the tittle :slight_smile:


okay, I will


here are the covers I have made, these may be a bit different
to how you wanted it but i hope you like them

small cover


big cover




that’s pretty cool as well!:grinning:


And guys, if you know any artists that would be intrested to enter the contest , please make sure to tell them to enter :grinning::grin: thanks!


Entering :heart:️:heart:️


@Rac5hel @Nattygomez @epy.raven @L.I.W.F


That’s great thanks so much!Make sure to put the tittle Roseville:City Of Screts , the everybody has secrets grafitty and my username elisabethstarrr thanks (just making sure you get this info lol😂)




My entry, sorry it’s not really good lol I kinda rushed…
And I’ll resize it later…I ma in a hurry :heart: