Cover Contest ! (story tittle : Roseville City Of Secrets -make sure to put the story tittle on the cover you will make and also my episode name: elisabethstarrr-)


No I really like it!it’s okay you can take your time (till next week or a little more lol)


thanks for your entry I hope the artists you tagged will enter the contest as well!:grinning:


@Rac5hel @NattyGomez @Epy.raven @L.I.W.F

Hey guys! It’s your last chances to enter the contest if you are interested. It ends this Monday or Sunday.(or even more if you need but please at least leave a comment if you are entering)
thanks! :grinning:


I’ll enter




yay!good luck and thanks!:grinning:


One question do the backgrounds have to the same for small and large cover


You can do whatever you want ! They can be different if you want! My plan was to choose one cover from each artist ( from 2 artists) but if I like both covers of one artists it could work!:slight_smile:


Ok kool


I’m done


pretty good job! but the tittle of the story is “Roseville :City Of Secrets” which was supposed to be in the cover , a lot of people didn’t put the tittle but it’s okay! I can put it myself :grinning::joy: (or if you want and have free time you can re-edit it and upload it again ,but just to know it’s not hard for me to put the tittle myself :grinning: also the grafitty with the everybody haw secrets text should be there but so does the tittle :joy: sorry if I made it unclear anyways it’s amazing good job and thanks!)


I can do it right now


I really appreciate it thanks!:slight_smile:



Oh wow that’s way better wih the title! Thanks for your time its awesome!:slight_smile:


Sure np glad you liked it


Hi! Entering :slight_smile:


amazing!good luck and thanks!


I am entering


that’s awesome good luck and thanks!:grinning: