COVER CONTEST - SWY: Marriage of Two Rivals (OPEN, PRIZES)

Cover Contest: SWY: Marriage of Two Rivals

Description of the Story: Two of the most eligible people in America are forced to get married for the sake of their rival companies. Will they be able to work together to save their companies or fail?

Description of Cover Requirements:

  • Angst and love between the two characters must be displayed
  • The title of the story must be displayed (on one variant and one without please and you don’t need to include the SWY in the title)
  • The author’s name, Yoshi, must be displayed
  • Both characters must be displayed
  • Both character’s tattoos must be displayed
  • You don’t have to use the outfits below, they’re just suggestion except for the tattoos
  • Can be drawn or edited either way is fine
  • PM me your entries so that others cannot copy your art

Rules Character Details Character Outfits First Place Winnings Second Place Winnings Third Place Winnings:

First Place - Gets a story shoutout on my Instagram, I will use their art as one of my covers, I will read their story (no R for R required), I will follow your Instagram

Second Place - Gets a story shoutout on my Instagram, I will use their art as one of my covers, I will follow your Instagram

Third Place - I will use their art as my outro, I will follow your Instagram

People who have entered: (A special thanks to everyone who is participating. It really means a lot.)

Due Date: September 20, 2021 (May be edited to a later date depending on progress)

Winners Will be Announced: September 21, 2021 (May be edited to a later date depending on progress)

Jasmine Details

Jasmine Character Details:

Body: Female Athletic Body (Rose 09)

Brow: Arched Natural Scar (Black Dark)

Hair: Long Faux Hawk Solid (Black Dark)

Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Black)

Face: Diamond

Nose: Defined Natural

Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Gold Deep Gloss)

Jasmine Outfit Details Option # 1:

  • Water Proof Black Pants Leather Grey Black

  • Strappy Alligator Print Heels Leather Grey Black

  • Blazer Corset Top Polyester Cool White

  • Skull And Roses Arm Tattoo

Jasmine Outfit Details Option # 2:

  • Turtleneck Halter Top Red Sepia

  • Pinstripe High Waisted Accented Pockets Pants Polyester Grey

  • Skull And Roses Arm Tattoo

  • Espadrille Fringed Wedges Suede Grey Black

Taylor Details

Taylor Character Details:

Body: Female Athletic Body (Rose 06)

Brow: Round Medium (Black Dark)

Hair: Long Side Shave (Ash Brown)

Eyes: Female Generic (Grey Cool)

Face: Heart Soft

Nose: Round Button

Lips: Small Heart (Gold Medium Matte)

Taylor Outfit Details Option # 1:

  • Formal Jacket Single Black Button Undershirt Polyester Beige Grey

  • Simple Heels Leather Black

  • Strapped V Neck Bralette Cotton Grey Black

  • Belted Multi Pleated Short Skirt Cotton Brown Hickory

  • Lace Foream Tattoo Solid

Taylor Outfit Details Option # 2:

  • Aiko Crop Top Cotton Neutral Black

  • Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Brown Bole

  • Lace Foream Tattoo Solid

  • Laced Up Studded Open Toed Heels Leather Grey Black

  • Double Zipper Belted Skirt Flannel

If you have any questions please feel free to ask


I’ll join. Do you want any specific kind of background?

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Anything business related or this:


Dimmed a little

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I’ve decided I’m gonna join too!

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Me too! I’m joining. I’m nearly done with it lol. :grin:

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I’ll try to join, because I kinda have a perfect pose!! And well I may not because I kinda also requests to do :sweat_smile: also exams

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I might join! Idk if I’ll have time to finish but I’ll try lol


might enter, I like the sound of your story. Depends on how much free time I have though :))

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Thank you so much!


Hi! I’d like to join. Is it fine if I send it in September? I don’t have much free time in August, sadly.

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I would like to join cuz I am having my vacation :wink:

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Due date is soon and I want to publicly apologize for not going through with this story idea. If you submit your art I will still give out prizes to the winners and I will put your art in my Instagram highlight, with credits.

@Sydney_H please close this thread.

DM me you entries if you are still entering and I will tell you who the winners and etc. are in a new thread and post the images of all entries with credits as well.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: