Cover Contest( The Lost Heir) |Closed Now|


Hey guys by the title I’m guessing you know what this is about. For the contest I judge your covers and the winning one will be uses for my story.

To enter need: Say Waffles


  • A shoutout in my story(in every episode] and my Instagram
  • Of course your art piece would be feature on my story
  • You will earn a important role in my story
  • I will read your story(if you have one)
  • Spam of likes on Instagram and a follow
  • And promotion of your story(if you have one)

Cover Details


Title: The Lost Heir by Leslie
Face shape: Soft Heart
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Upturned Feline(black)
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Hair: Straight(black)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Classic(terracotta)
The thing is for you to choose the poses,outfit and background.

Story Details
You are a lost princess from France bit what happens when you are kidnap by a mafia family. Raised to be an assassin os nothing like a princess so how will you adapt? Especially since nos you are forced to marry a prince for Italy or will you go for his brother?

People who are up for the competition will all be tagged down here👇
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@fcukforcookies :white_check_mark:
Any kind of art is welcome feel free to pm if you have any question!.
Judges Spot Are Now Closed

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Ok thanks feel free to message me if you have any question and good luck✌




Do you want to enter or…?


Yes. I thought that was clear. (Put down waffles like I was supposed to)


I didnt see it as waffles because I dindt understand - Sorry




She did


Do you need a small cover or large cover or both?


Thank you I loved your cover


Judges spots are open


I can help judge


Ok thanks we just need a few more people and then we can start


Waffles.Big or small cover??


Big please


@sofia2 you wanna be a judge?