Cover Contest( The Lost Heir) |Closed Now|


Omg thanks I love it :heart_eyes:


Dont forget to tag my ass :smiley:


Lmao :joy: ok


Done :slight_smile:
If you’d like I could change the color of the title but idk


Actually wait i noticed something ill repost it


Could you make the title bigger pls?




it’s a small cover, wait




Ok thank you :heart:


Wait I fixed the hair

That’s the final image, i hope you like it


Ok it’s so cute, I love it thanks :heart_eyes:


i could send it via email, for better quality


Thanks :smiley:


Thank you :heart:




Hey! So I’ve read the thread. Do you need large cover? I sibmitted small :sweat_smile:


A large one please :sweat_smile:


All entries are due this Halloween if you need more time please pm and I’ll work out a date with you.
This is still open for anyone who wants to join


I guess I’m out. There was no mentioning about the fact that you need large cover, so I made small one.