Cover Contest( The Lost Heir) Please join by September 20




I’m entering because I’m from France! Lol


Lol I’m from AR, USA




ok thank you and good luck


Waffles. And I have a few questions:

  1. Do you have character details for the two prince brothers? If so, could I have them?
  2. Do you have character details for the parents, or any important mafia characters that I could have?


I’ll get you a picture of both of them. Give a few minutes


Thank you! :blush:


Idk how much you need but here all i could get





So is prince with spiky hair the one she’s supposed to marry, and the other her brother?


No the one in the suit is the one she suppose to


K, got it! Thankayou!




You have till next Tuesday 4pm Central Time Zone to Finish.
Winner will be announced next Friday 6pm Central Time Zone.
If you need more time please pm so I could know if I need to push the dates.:v:


Anyone can still enter!