Cover contest 🤴🏽

Ok I’m holding a cover contest for my story

Story : Save me

Description : idfk yet :sweat_smile: let’s just say Assassins

Callajuan specializes in guns/ armory

Sirena specializes in blades aka ( knives, swords lmao yes I said swords also ) aka tomboy gal

As soon as I know all the people entering I will determine the deadline

1st place = will be the main cover and will get a permanent spot in my story and an edit of their choice 1- 4 ppl

2nd = Their cover entry will be made as a splash
And can be a permanent character in my story
3rd = theirs will be used as a splash and can be a temporary character in my story who shows up often in the background and will get a splash

You can enter for

1= cover

2= splash

3= splash

You can enter for either place but still basically be first place for that place like uggg complicating myself


Callajuan details

Skin- Taupe
Brow- Thin arch
Hair - unstyled Faux Hawk
Hair color- Black
Eyes -stoic almond
Eye color- blue
Face-off defined triangle
Nose- button
Lips- uneven
Lip color- Taupe

SIRENA details
Skin : caramel
Face : soft heart
Mouth: Full round ( mocha)
Eyes: upturned feline ( white aka silver)
Nose: elven
Eyebrows- medium angled
Hair-raising classic bob ( light blue )
They don’t have to wear the same outfits
Make them look bada- bad :sweat_smile:

I have an example I did the other day but it is bad

The boy has freckles and the following pngs as tattoos

The girl idk what extras she has rn but she also has freckles

BE CREATIVE LOVES :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

@Problematic_Patrick, @keiji, @sofia2, @lvqbrl @phlegmatic @eilyk @Shuka
@Silver_Shadow @Maria.StoryWritter @Bethany1 @gamer_gurl

Please tag more

@eilyk 2nd
@Linlin330 2nd and 1st
@Gamer_Gurl 1st
@Sinful_Peches 2nd or 1st
@Tylo 1st
@Cocoa_bean23 1st
@EpisodeGamer1 1st
@CStation 1st or third
@Erika_R 2nd or 3rd
@Elaina2 ???


@Turtle_Cat @xetic @Linlin330 @Bumblebree @Tylo @AuthorMDWrites @CalyPhina @Epiexpert @Bridi @Sinful_Peches @SASB @Em546
All I can think of rn.:sweat_smile:


Which place are you aiming for and thank you love :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for the tag love! :heart: I’ll join! Idk for what spot yet. But it will be drawn :100:


ill try doing a splash if i have time :))

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Thank you Hun :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Thank you :sparkling_heart: second or third?

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I’ll try to make a cover.

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Sorry hun I can’t enter as I’m way too busy :sweat:


I will give it a go

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Thank you love :sparkling_heart: which place are you aiming for?

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I dunno, 1st I guess


joininggg! making a cover but ill make it a splash too just in case (2nd) :slight_smile:

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Thank you :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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I mean you could make your cover a splash to so… I guess I’ll make a cover. And also have a splash version for you if you want one. :heart:


i also have question, to help me get an idea for the cover. Sirena and Callajuan, are they love interests or? And also are we limited to only one cover or can we make two different options?

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You can do more than one and yes they are love interests

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okay awesome!! Thanks :slight_smile:

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That will be great! You can apply for the second and first or third