Cover contest 🀴🏽

I have too re download all the images again to look and determine but ik who is going to get first place

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Winner of first place for the small cover is


Congrats :partying_face:

@Tylo made a beautiful entry and it will be in and my cover tell me when you want your prize and send over your details if you want to be in the story and tell me what role you want to be playing as in the story
:partying_face: gorgeous entry :eyes::point_down:t4:

Next winner for the large cover and a splash in my story is


Congratulations lovely :partying_face:
With a lovely surprise of this beautiful splash and cover send over your details and tell me what role you want your character playing and feel free to pm me anytime for your prize :black_heart:

Lovely entry :point_down:t4:

And third place goes to


Congrats :partying_face:

Loved this :black_heart::black_heart:
Pm me for your prize :black_heart:

Lovely entry btw can you turn this into sound?

Thank you everyone for participating :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:
I dont really have gifs :eyes:🀷🏽

@Tylo 1st
@Cocoa_bean23 1st
@EpisodeGamer1 1st
@CStation 1st or third
@Erika_R 2nd or 3rd
@Elaina2 ???


Omfg yayyy :sob::sob::sob: i’ll pm you


yayyy :grin: thanks!:heart:

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Is this still going on, I’d like to join.

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No I’m sorry I revealed the winners yesterday :black_heart:

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Oh. alright. Tag me in the next one plz

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