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I make simple edits, covers and splashes. No credit needed.

Here are a few examples:


Hi can u do to me one like the second one using this character


What background do you want?


This one


So you just want the girl in that background?


Yeah ps


Here you are. Tell me if you need any changes.


Is that edit in the first one yours? I’m pretty sure it belongs to some one else.


Thnx it’s amazing


I found the picture on this website, however I put it together.
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Ooh ok


Don’t worry, I don’t steal other people’s full edits.


It does belong to someone else. It belongs to @avabellaedits on instagram (her account name changed, maybe deactivated?)

okay, figured it out


Yes, that’s what I think too!


I know. I’ve already said that the image was not mine. I found it on a website with a bunch of free stickers. That sticker was on it, I used it in that splash.


I don’t want a request but it’s really good


Thank you.


No problem


Can you make me a cover with the character in the middle and for the edit i would like my character to be edited like your first example

Title: Princess In My Eyes