Cover designing help

Hi so I need help redesigning a cover for a story I already made. I already have a cover but I’m starting not to really like it but I don’t know what else to do. It’s called Werewolves in hiding and it’s about 12 teens who all have fire magic and are also werewolves and they just spent around a year being experimented on my researchers but then they run away and try to lead a normal life. Do you have any ideas on how I should do my cover? If you want credit then I will be more then happy to give you credit.

I think it might help if you make it a lot more zoomed in, so we can see the characters’ features distinctly??? Besides that, I think it’s okay.

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I think it’s actually pretty good! Just a few tips:
-Make their bodies look not-quite-so-squashed
-The hands in that position on the right and on the left look unnatural… try adding a prop! Or edit them so they look different
-Make the text color and/or font a little more noticeable

Good luck!

Ok thank you I appreciate it

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Thank you for your feedback

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