Cover draw need tip

How to draw a cover To photograph characters in movements and drawing earrings like a new girl which app??


Do you need tutorials or just app recommendations?

I’d like both

Ok so for apps I suggest these

Depending on the art your making I normally use these apps
(All free)

tutorials ?

I could link a few vids. Or do u want me to kinda show u?

both :smiley:

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Can I see your works?

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Wow you drew that

Can you give me tutorials


Sure just pm me


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Private message

Use ibis paint im not that good but I did this with it

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I use MEDIBANG Paint and I think it’s wonderful!

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can i see your works

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Sure I’ve onlt started this week though

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I’ve just started practicing on medi bang and I’m really enjoying it.Glad to know there are other medibang artist on this forum. And @Lio if you like I can give you tips as well.Here is one of my art examples: