Cover editor/artist needed :)

Hey there! Me and a friend are writing a story, and we need a small cover! You’ll get credit at the end of each chapter that we continue using the cover in! If it’s an edit, it should have custom pose or not look too messy if you know what I mean? If it’s drawn that would be really cool! Please message me with some examples either here on the forums, or on Instagram @catgirlepi, thanks!

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maybe one of the shops here can help u out with the cover

I could try it but the custom pose depends on the difficulty (:blush:

For custom poses, I can only merge multiple episode animations into one pose if that’s the sort of thing your looking for. :blush:

Pm me if you’re interested (:

Hey there!

I make covers for fun, so if you want something done by me feel free to shoot a message! I even made the cover of my story (WIP) and my profile picture (images below) Let me know if you are interested!!

Mystic done

Hi im a digital artist, This is my first time drawing art for episode creates, so please check out my instagram @Fredaarts to see my art :slight_smile: