Cover: Eye-Catching

Who doesn’t judge a book by its cover? If you want a free, custom-made cover made by yours truly fill out this form :wink:

I am so sorry for anyone who has requested a cover, I forgot to add a forum username to the form, if you have asked for a cover please re-do the request. I am extremely sorry. Without a forum username I won’t be able to know who requested the covers.


I am not sure whether to submit or not . Can you wait for one day?


Here are the covers, tell me if you hate them or want a re-do.



It’s really good :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:the only thing is the headshape on the girl is oval and the nose and mouth on the boy are small and smirk

Sorry, Messed up there, p.s. I’m way more proud of the small cover

It’s okay, and they are both beautiful

Hey, I filled out your form and if you still do cover I would have one :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh thank you, Sorry i’ve been quite busy.

@KM90 Hi, So I checked the form, and no responses are there, I don’t know if it’s a bug but do you think you could try and send it again. Sorry for the inconvenice.


Now done!

Thanks, I’m almost done with your cover.


I hope you like them, If you want a re-do you can always request one.
Large Cover

Small Cover

Love them! Thanks :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2:

Your welcome.


Here they are. (I still need to read them both :wink: )


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Could you do a cover for me?

Of course, Just fill out the form.

Ok thanks

What do you mean by forum name?
And back ground?