Cover for a new story!

Hi! I’m currently working on my first episode story and am in need of a both a small and large cover. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but i would like the 4 main characters on the cover. If you would be able to make a cover for me that would be amazing! If you do decide to, please reply to this with some examples of covers you made before!

Story Summary:
Having trust issues is already hard enough as it is, but moving to a new city just made it 10 times worse. Can a random group of best friends help Victoria learn to trust again?

Story Genre:

Character Details:

Skin Tone - Light
Eyebrows - Medium Angled
Hair - Straight (Grey)
Eyes - Upturned Feline (White)
Face - Oval
Nose - Upturned
Lips - Classic (Orange Crush)

Skin Tone - Carmel
Eyebrows - Thin Arch
Hair - Boy Bun (Chestnut)
Eyes - Round Piercing (Taupe)
Face - Diamond
Nose - Button
Lips - Uneven (Terracotta)

Skin Tone - Light
Eyebrows - Thin Arch
Hair - Long Bangs (Coral)
Eyes - Deepest Piercing (Blue)
Face - Defined Triangle
Nose - Button
Lips - Uneven (Blush)

Skin Tone - Caramel
Eyebrows - Thin Arch
Hair - Short Cropped (Charcoal)
Eyes - Gentle Almond (Toffee)
Face - Defined Triangle
Nose - Button
Lips - Uneven (Terracotta)

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