Cover for indian wedding story

hello everyone! Indian wedding story is officially in the works! This is my cover, and it will be published and ready to read really soon! Thanks for all the support to get more brown representation on the app!
love, decemberdreamer !

:heart: :india:


Hey love! I’ll definitely check your story out, i like to see different cultures spread on episode :white_heart:

Tag me when it’s published ((:

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Thank you so much! I will so let you know <3

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@decemberdreamer Beautiful! Looking forward to it!


Tag me when it’s published

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Ooh exciting, Indian weddings can be wild, there’s not just one event dedicated to the marriage but a bunch and pretty much all relatives are invited, it’s crazy :joy: the party food is so good and the music is awesome :heart_eyes: good luck with publishing :yay:

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