Cover for mafia story

I need an artist to make a cover for my upcoming mafia story and I would love it if someone could do it for me. In addition to making my cover, you’ll get:
- Title
- Reading the first 3 episodes

I really hope that someone can help me with my story. Thank u.

do you like it to be drawn ? or are you okay with the cover not being drawn? Char details? what is the story title?

I’d love to help you! PM me any extra information so I can make the cover for you!

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I could help!

I could help


Check out my Instagram for more @editsbyleslie04

Please respond less than 24hrs or my offer expires

let’s talk on instagram. mine is @luqmanauthor

yes please. please let’s talk on instagram. mine is @luqmanauthor

let us talk on instagram. im not very active on the forums. mine is @luqmanauthor. please contact me there

I’m very sorry, but I don’t have an Instagram. Is there anywhere else we could chat?

;( pleeeaseee god your work is beautiful. If you can talk on instagram, it would be better. mine is @luqmanauthor


i have the pose it’s just retracing.

No, I’m so sorry. Maybe you’d be better off talking to one of the others, they might have an Instagram.

can you show me some of your work? like pm me on here.

Sure, but I can’t do it immediately. I need my computer for that and I don’t have time to log on it right now.

I’m barely on here.

I do.