Cover for My Story, Please?

Hi, so I’m creating a new story, and I would like a cover please? The story is in Limelight and it’s called “In Cold Blood”. It’s a mystery story.

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If you still need someone to make it, I’ll be happy to!

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Can I see some examples?

if you want a drawn cover I could help :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:



I could Help, I haven’t Done limelight in forever though But if you want some examples of My INK edits I can show you

If you need a cover or an art scene, you can always go here:

There are quite a few examples there, but I’ll just show you some of them here:

These are just a few of them. Feel free to request as many times as you want (but there will be a waiting list!)

Oh, and most of us also do limelight, but a few of us don’t.