Cover for my story Until You Find My Heart

So guys… I am sorry to bother you but I need a cover for my story Until You Find My Heart. I would be the happiest girl if someone could create me one!!!
Here are some details:
it is called Until You Find My Heart
This is fantasy and romance.
The MCs are Printemps (tihs is the girl) and Travis.
A Russian mafia dude stole Printemps’s heart (yes her heart) because it is make of gold. Printemps has only 10 days to find it or she’ll die. During her trip she cross path with a sexy gang leader who actually is trying to put down the same dude who stole her heart. They continue their missions together and fall for each other…


okay i have absolutely have no experience in covers but i did want to say to you that ur story sounds amazing so if you could remind me when you publish it

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u need to send your characters details for the cover, and their outfits. @MelanieChantelle77

As in a commission?



What’s your preferred price range?

Hey I do commisioned art and I’d love to help prices are negotiable depending on your budget and you can find my examples and prices here :heart:
Art commisions open :art::heart_eyes:

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