Cover for my story (with payment)

I’m in need for a new cover for my story
I WILL pay for the cover no doubts.

So if you’re an artist with time for a cover for my story please drop something you’ve made and your details and I will get back to you if I find it to my liking :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Hey! I have commissions open with my art! My cover examples are very old, but I also have examples of my current art!
Here’s my info:


Main Art Style

Old Art Style



Cover Prices

Full body (1 person): $25
Full body (2 people): $35
Half body (1 person): $15
Half Body (2 people): $25
Fine details (feathers, scales, etc.): + $5
Shading/Highlights: + $2
Detailed Drawn Backgrounds: + $5

The price for more than 2 characters is the price for 2 people of each style + $12 for each new character on full bodies, + $8 for each new character for half bodies.

Feel free to message me either here or on Instagram (@hermanepisode) if you’re interested!

Hi! If you’d like you could check out my art on my ig. Login • Instagram

You can dm me there if you want a commission :sparkling_heart:

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My commission open
Price and more work in inst Login • Instagram

Hello. I am an artist with experience making covers.

I will link down a post about my art where you can get more information on examples, pricing etc. :blush:

ello! i have a cover shop (that’s currently on waitlist bc i got more requests than i thought) over at!

heyy i pm’ed you

U can look into my post for my example and prices :blush:

For more example my insta tessa_art.28

Hi! My commissions are open if you still need an artist :>

Here are examples of my work in different formats:


Small Covers

Large Covers

Large Covers




In-Game Logos and Signs

In-Game Logos and Signs

I do 2 styles of art but both are the same prices but i don’t do background art but m available for cover art n art scenes, portrait and splashes


semi realistic

cartoon style


This is negotiable :kissing:

i have more examples if u wana see
N i can finish the art in max 4-5 days if it is really hard
Or i can finish it in 2-3days

Idk if you still need it
But i do commissions and here are some of my works

Dm me if interested

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Heyyy I may be a bit late but I will still let you know all my info.

I am commissioned but my prices are fairly reasonable and can be negotiated !
It is completely fine if you have already found one or you’re not interested in my style! But I’ll leave my examples and prices here.




All prices or negotiable!

I am always willing to try something new

If your interested You can PM on here or my insta x_jess_episode_x

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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