Cover for my story....?

Hi! There i was wondering if someone’s willing to make me a cover for my story- Dm me for more info… or my IG: @epy_jazz

By the way if this topic wasn’t supposed to be here hm- sorry hehe its been a long time since I made one so I kinda forgot how all of this works :sweat_smile:.
Anyways thank you! :relieved:


here are all the art shops available


u can check my art shop :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
:call_me_hand:t3: The Surfer’s Art Shop :call_me_hand:t3: (Open and Free)


Alright imma check them, :)) thank u guys.

Hi! I’m open for semi-realistic art commissions!:revolving_hearts: you can DM or Check my IG account for more samples!:blush: @CathyArtworks24 Here are my commission sheets and samples!:sparkling_heart:

First come first served😺


Hi!! Im open for commission! If you are interested, you can dm me in my insta @zamiraarts. or would you rather that I would? whichever do you like!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: here are some samples!!


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