Cover for my story!

Heeey, I am currently writing a story about a band contest, so I would love if someone could please make me a cover! (Small and Large cover)
I want the background be some kind of stage blurred, and the following characters must be shown (but just from the waist)

The title: I want a space big enough on the top so I can add the title ^^


  • Mc:
    Skin: Beige Rose
    Brow: Arched Natural \ Chestnut Brown
    Eyes: Female Generic \ Green Emerald
    Face: Heart Defined
    Nose: Defined Natural
    Lips: Small Heart \ Pink Warm Matte
    Hair: Long Feathered \ Chestnut Brown

  • Male Love Interest 1:
    Skin: Beige Deep Rose
    Brow: Straight Medium \ Blackjet
    Eyes: Deepset Heavy Lid \ Blue Deep
    Face: Male Generic
    Nose: Hooked Grecian
    Lips: Medium Straight Natural \ Beige Deep Neutral
    Hair: Slicked Back Solid \ Blue Black

  • Male Love Interest 2:
    Skin: Beige Rose
    Brow: Male Generic \ Light Brown
    Eyes: Deepset Heavy Lid \ Brown Dark
    Face: Male Generic
    Nose: Straight Narrow
    Lips: Medium Heart\ Beige Rose
    Hair: Man Bun \ Light Brown

  • Female Love Interest:
    Skin: Beige Neutral
    Brow: Round Medium \ Deep Brown
    Eyes: Deepset Almond \ Green Emerald
    Face: Heart Soft
    Nose: Round Button Upturned
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty \ Plum Gloss
    Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid \ Deep Brown

I hope someone sees this ^^ Sorry for the inconvinience, but I really need a cover and I wanted it to be better than the ones I try to do lmao!

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Raven hood can You can see our examples here


Thank you ^^

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Hi! I finished the large cover, technically, how’s this?

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Post it on the thread and tag her lol


Its amazinggggggggggg :heart_eyes:

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Thx, hope she likes it.