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Hey everyone. I know I already have another whole topic about needing help for covers, but this one is just focused on my latest story I literally just started writing. I was wondering of someone would like to make a cover for me. But what is the story about? Well let me tell you…
It’s about a girl called Skyler who fakes her death to become a spy and them writes a book about it 3 years later revealing all her secrets of why she did that. The plan is that the story starts with her trying to write the book, then it goes into the book and tells who what happened and why.
It’s called The Awkwardly Mysterious Life Of Skyler Derkby…

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Okie I will!

Yes I did

hehe my name is Skyler

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Yeah you can help me. Did you make those covers? I like them.

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Okay. Here is my idea for the cover:
Skyler is standing against a wall with a look on her face suggesting she is spying on someone. Maybe we could not use the episode characters and maybe you could draw the cover or something like that.

And a brief story description is at the top.

Hey again! I haven’t gotten replies from any of the people who said they can help so I’m just gonna write on here again just checking if anyone would like to help me out with this cover. Thanks! :grinning:.

I can help you if gou want to see example then go to luna art shop

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Okay maybe. I do have another person who can do it now but there can be two covers so you can do the smaller one if u want to.

I will be glad to do it😊

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Here is the link where you can place request😉

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Closed at request of op @BellaButton1011 :yay: