Cover for new story please!

Hey guys!

Can anyone do a cover for me? My story is a action comedy including gang leaders and whatnot. If anyone is intrested in doing it, you can DM me here or on instagram, @ below. I’ll tell you the characters details and what I want in the background.

My instagram: @epyjuju

Thank you! It will be very much appriciated!

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If you want it drawn, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:
Check out my art shop for examples:
Click here

A new thread call The Little Mermaid’s Art Shop is being put up soon! They do mainly edits, but some can draw! Check it out/look out for it, the thread is being put up soon!

Thank you guys for the suggestions, sorry I should’ve made it more clear that I would like an edit, not a drawing :slight_smile:

Thanks though!

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You can check here
:mermaid: The Little Mermaid Art Shop :mermaid: you choose whether you want it to be edited or drawn

I can make a cover here is a expample of what I can do

Hey! I could do it for you, but I’m a little busy atm so it might take a week or more to finish. If you’re interested, PM me. Here are some of my recent examples. :blob_hearts:


I forgot to mention this, but I’m mainly an INK editor so LL custom poses are a bit tricky for me.