Cover for new story

Hi guys!

I’m currently making a new story and I would like someone to make me a cover for my new first story that is coming up:
Bad Girl Habits


Body: Copper 02

Brow: Arched thin (color blackjet)

Hair: Over shoulder braid (color copper red)’

Eyes: Deepset downturned (color Blue Aqua)

Face: Heart soft

Nose: Round button

Lips: Full heart pouty (Red garnet gloss)


Body: Copper 02

Brow: Straight medium (color blackjet)

Hair: Medium taper wavy (color black silhouette)

Eyes: Oval wide (color brown light)

Face: Chiseled angular

Nose: Button round

Lips: Medium staight natural (color rose light nude matte)

I hope someone can help me out!

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  • Title: Bad Girl Habits
  • Author: Quinns.Episode
  • Description: You’re a girl with no limits. Everything changes when you meet HIM… Are you ready for all the drama that comes with him?

Lydia is a girl that not really cares about boys or fashion, until she meets Dylan, a very wealthy boy. A lot of drama comes in their relationship

  • Font: I don’t know what this is whoops.
    The pose for Dylan can be different, I don’t really know how I want hum so you can choose something :wink:

font is text style.

Be yourself with that. It’s my first story so I don’t really know what I want so surprise me, I’m happy with everything!

BTW Lydia loves the color black

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what do you think. do you want another background?

Oeh I really like it. Only another background yes please. There not in school. She works in a coffeeshop and he is very rich. Also if you have an idea for a pose for Dylan please try it out. I would love to see something I haven’t thougt of!

okay which one. there is a few in the catalog

idle_gun_angry_loop or _listen_phone_angry_loop ?

that is not a background

also if you want him to be in another pose. send a picture of him in that pose

Oh sorry I thougt you meant a pose haha. I will check for a background

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If you can do it with this one I’ll be happy

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OMG I really like it!!!

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thats great you like it

also for the other to use

Thank you so much! I know where I have to be if I need another cover :wink:

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your welcome to ask for another in the future if you need one