Cover for story in contest CLUE

Hey everyone! I am writing a story for the contest Clue! My story is called Clue: Beneath The Shadows by me QueenDaniel and the style of the characters are limelight. the character details are these.

Copper 02
Arched Natural Scar - Deep Brown
Layered Wavy Bob - Platinum Ice
Female Generic - Violet
Defined Natural
Full Round Pouty - Pink Peach Medium Gloss

And I want a black backdrop with the girl standing in Breath_deep with weird purple and blue swirls around her or something that looks like shes looking into the future. I also would like it if it was a close up and her in the middle.


Do you have Instagram?

I could give it a shot! Is there any particular outfit that you want her to wear?


Any outfit is fine and thank you so much!

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I’ve got this so far. Did you want me to move the titles or anything around?

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This is AMAZING! I think it is perfect. Thank you so much!

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No problem! Glad I could help <3