Cover for story needed

Hi guys.
I will be publishing my first story in a little while and I am looking for someone who could make a big and small cover for it. I would really appreciate your help.

I could try to help
Just Pm me the details

I could try to help. Just Pm me the details

I could make you one, just dm me on instagram @megan.epy18

Those are two examples of my cover edit, I have other edits on my insta

Please get used to it, that this category is not for cover/overlay/background requests. It’s really getting annoying to see every day new threads like this in this category.

@Sydney_H please do something about this :sob:

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Sorry for hurting your feelings. I’m new in the forums so I didn’t know. And how am I supposed to stop other people from posting their theads?

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Yeah you’re new :heart: But those who replied you I doubt they’re all new here :heart:

Ok I get your point. Next time I will publish things in the appropriate category for them. I didn’t mean to cause any drama.

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No problem :heart: This post isn’t the only one not following guidelines. Category is becoming all messed up and since mods are so polite, no one’s taking them seriously :joy: I’m glad we understand each other and that there’s no bad feelings :heart:

Hello @chris_8303, this is Sydney the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forums!

This topic has been moved from Feature + Art Suggestions Art + Animations to Creator’s Corner Art Resources since you’re looking for cover art. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

Thanks for reading and have a good day :sunglasses:

I’m sorry for making a problem. I’m new and I didn’t know how everything works. From now in I will choose the category accordingly to the thing I’m looking for.

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I can make you a cover here are examples:

Hey. What’s your instagram?

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I just dmed you on instagram.

@chris_8303 I can help you make a cover!