Cover for story

I need a cover for a story called Fantastical: Felithia.

The cover must contain Fantastical: Felithia written and By: Sophie
The characters are friends, not in a romantic relationship, so don’t make them look romantic.
Keep in mind this is a fantasy story, so the background of the covers should look fantasy-ish.
Also, don’t use the charcaters in the screenshots, they are just for showing their looks, make them and give them an animation.
The outfits should be kept the same as the ones in the screenshot. If I missed a character detail, check the screenshot to know it.

The first girl has a black straight hair, oval face, light skin tone, white upturned feline eyes, elven nose, full round blush mouth, thin soft arch eyebrows.
And the same clothes as in the photo.
Like this:

The boy has auburn spiked up hair, defined triangle face, light skin tone, toffee smirk mouth, toffee deepest gentle eyes, roman nose, he should wear the same outfit in the photo below.
His photo:

The other girl should have blonde double bun updo, oval face, thin curved eyebrows, green upturned feline eyes, elven nose, bubble gum pink blossom lips, light skin tone.
Again, outfits should be the same as the ones in the screenshots.
Her screenshot:

I need a small cover and a large cover, the winners will be chosen once there are 10 - 15 entries, I’ll choose one of them for my story, your entries should follow all the rules I mentioned above. Also, if you can, make a background for the readers to higher their volume with the black haired girl on it, I hope to see your entries. Good luck!

I want to join!

Sure, I would love to see your cover!

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EpisodeStudio would be happy to help… which @SilverStar is part of…
Thank you for allowing us to help you!
~EpisodeStudio President

I actually can’t fill out your form, I need both large and small covers, and I need to insert images, and things I can’t mention on there.

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Gotcha… Sorry for the inconvenience… I will be sure to try and add that into the forms for future stories!
Thanks for letting me know
~EpisodeStudio President

Thanks and no problem!

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If u need anything else, u can request from my thread. :blue_heart: Art Request Thread

Okay, thanks.

Small cover

Large cover

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to do these for you… even if you don’t pick them; I had fun making them for you!

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Thank you, they look amazing, but I’m actually going to wait for a few more entries and decide which are best.

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do you still need a cover sophie

That is fine… thank you

Yeah, I need some entries.