Cover for story(?)

Hi everyone I’m feeling really bad for asking but I don’t know how to do artworks and I’m writing another story,
and I was wondering if anyone can help me to make one? I really don’t know how :sweat::sweat::pensive:

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Hey there! I’m a member of Raven Hood and I’ll be glad to take your request! All I need are details :slight_smile:


First of all though, you need an art app on your phone or computer

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Omg thank you! actually I have an app on my phone but I really don’t know how to do that, I watched youtobe and all and it’s so hard :((((((((( you want me to send you the details here or send you a massege?:heart:

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Any would be fine! I’ll get right on it straight away, I just need the following details…

  • Large and/or small cover,
  • Characters needed or not (if so send details and outfit details for them),
  • Text needed and your Instagram or episode name (optional),
  • Story name,
  • Any extra details!
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And what art app do you have?

Even though you’ve already chosen @SpiralKaleidoscope feel free to ask me if you need anything as well.