Cover Help... again πŸ™ƒ

So does anyone know how to make covers like the ones used for The Shaw Brothers and The New Girl??

If so please help :slight_smile:

Ii never read the book, but i can try to help!

yea, I can’t do that…lol

Ok thanks!! I presume you need character details?

Episode harmony can

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Character deet
Brows- defined natural
Hair- long feathered
Hair color- fawn
Eyes- upturned bold
Eye color- hickory
Face- round
Nose- elven
Lip color- cherry red

Skin- beige
Brows- medium sharp
Hair- short cropped hair
Hair color- black
Eyes- stoic almond
Eye color- green
Face-defined triangle
Nose- button
Lip color-taupe

Valentines black sheer dress
Little bow heels (black)
Black rising star earrings
Black boho bracelet

Ripped punk pants
Skater guy black sneakers
Lady rose tattoo
Black camo top
Black leather buckle bracelet

Words- Reincarnated

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Send it all here

Is there some type of link on here? Cause I can’t see it. :frowning:

Just click it