Cover help anyone?

Hey guys! I am in desperate need of a cover! If anyone could make me one that would be deeply appreciated! Thank you! I need one to be with these 2 characters:!

Or one with all these characters:

Thank you!!!

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what are the main detail of your story-so i know what to make the cover

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It is drama, it is technically a mafia story. It is called A Dark Passion . Those are the main characters. There are 2 authors, named Kc and Emily. I don’t really care about colors or poses or anything, just make it look nice please! Thank you so much!!

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Do the first two characters have a romantic relationship?xx

Yes they do!

kk I’l get started

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Thank you so much!!

Do u mind if he has tatoos?xx

He does, just the jacket is covering them. Also, I accidently used the wrong pic for the girl so I am switching that now. We made changes to her because she looked too close to one of the other characters.

ok thnx.It skould be done in the next half an hour, unless u want it with all the characters in it.xx

Ok. One with only the 2 or with all of them is fine. Thank you!

There u go!Hope u like it-if u want me to do it with the other characters it’s fine.xx

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Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE this so much!!! It looks amazing!! Thank you so much! I absolutely love the motorcycle in the background, it’s prefect! I love how it looks like he is protecting her too! This is perfect!! If you want to make the other you can, but you don’t have to. Ughh I am so happy with this!!

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I cannot thank you enough!!

I might make the other one, but I’m not say I definitely

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Ok! Thank you again!!

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Sorry I forgot if it’s too small dm me and I’ll make it bigger or the other way around!xxx

Its fine! I put it in a picture resizer and it still looks perfect! It was just a tiny bit off!

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