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I’ve just published my new story on episode, and I’ve created a cover myself but I feel like it could be even better! And I’ve seen soooo many talented artist who’ve helped other writers to make stunning covers.

So, not to ask rudely…:grimacing: Is there anyone wh’s intrested in helping me create a new cover? I’ll make sure to credit them in both my story and my instagram! :heart:


I will
I have a request thread

If you are interested please pm me on Instagram or forums

Heyyy, :wave:t3:

Well… I’m not a great artist but there are many talented ones that you could go to! Try checking out the community and finding art shops/groups that take requests- trust me there are loads of amazing, creative and capable artists. :star:

I’ll tag some of the many exceptional examples:


I hope that helped, and good luck with your story! :heartpulse:

Lots of love,
Ari x


Hello I am a part of a group called Artistic Angels! I would be happy to help if you are still looking for an artist. Just let me know the details on here if you would like me to help.


Thank you so so much! :heart:

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I’m still intrested! Could I message you the details? Where is it best for you to reicive it? (Email, instagram, here?)

On here would be great, it is where I am the most active!

Okay! I’ll message you right away!

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Here’s tha character details!
June (main char):
Skintone: Tan
Eyebrows: Thin Soft Arch
Hair: Beach Wave Hair
Hair Colour: Chesnut
Eyes: Upturned Luxe
Eyecolour: Light Blue/Blue¨
Face: Oval
Nose: Eleven
Lips: Classic
Lipcolour: Terracotta

Wesley (main love intrest)
Skincolour: Honey
Eyebrows: Straight Bold
Hair: Short Cropped Hair
Haircolour: Black
Eyes: Gentle Almond
Eyecolour: Black/Dark Blue
Face: Diamond
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven
Lipcolour: Taupe

If you’d have the time and mind to do both a small and a big cover I’d be super happy, but the small cover is the priority.

I do have some wishes with the cover… hehe.
I’d like a clean background, like one colour or something (NOT Pink) and I’d like the text to be white and big so it’s easy to read. And I’d like the characters to hold each other or do something “intimate” if you get what I mean. Lastly, Wesley (the love intrest) is like one head taller than June (main character) so that is very importatnt to have in mind. :slight_smile:

Hope this wasn’t too much and I’m really grateful that you’re taking your time and helping me!:heart:

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Thank you for the details! If I have any question I will be sure to let you know! I should have this done between tonight and Tuesday at the latest!

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A few questions, would you like the characters drawn or keep them the same just posed together? And what outfits would you like them wearing?

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I’d like them as they are but a bit “edited” like their eyes more livley and such.
Anything honestly, just that Wesley has sleeves, they show a bit of skin (not long pants and jackets) and that June has a more cool style (not pink, skirts and cute jewelry).

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Thank you for the tag but I’m not taking anymore requests atm :sweat_smile:


Alright, I am going to make their outfits and then show you and see what you think!

Here are the outfits, anything you would like to change?

Hi again, :raised_hand:t4:

No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best Wishes,
Ari x

Hi! I am currently working on a episode story called Double Life, and I am really not artistic…If someone could help me with the cover art I promise to give credit! It would really help alot! Thx!

Sorry for making it hard for you…
Could you do this:

And also hadd some cool jewelry to June? And add do a improvised tatto that is more realistic? (not the one i added hehe) like the one on “Maid for you”?

Thanks a lot! <3

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No no, this makes it easier for me actually! Thank you so much!

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I can help if you want just one done without being drawn.