Cover help & creating



If you’d like to help me with two backgrounds in the story, I’d gladly want your help!
I really want a more personal “this story uses sound & music” and “warning this story contains strong language” backgrounds.
Are you intrested?


Are they free? x


Is the art free? x


Hello! :wave:t3:

Yes, I do believe so, requests are always free- it’s commissions that you have to pay for. :sparkles:

Lots Of Love,
Ari x


Sorry, I kind of sound a bit stupid but what is a commission? Is it when the artist actually has to make the art? Sorry to be a bother x


Heyyyy, :wave:t3:

Don’t call yourself stupid, because you are not! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Commissions are similar to requests only it’s more professional and advanced. You have to pay the artist that you ‘comission’ to create your requested artwork/s. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Basically, it’s the same as a request but you have to pay the artist, give them credit and the art you commissioned is known as your artwork and no one elses. I hope that helped, but I feel like I didn’t explain that very well… :sweat_smile:

Lots of love,
Ari x


Hey hey! What would you like written on the cover? And for the background is a deep maroon okay?


Yeah, I just need help with one without being drawn. Thank you!


Hi! Sorry for the late anwser… (school-.-)
I’d like it t say the storys name “Below the surface” with white letters in a “clean” script. And I’d like my name written somewhere on the cover (doesn’t reallt matter where" which is “Tin Miller” :slight_smile:


Sorry, forget to say ok to the colour… ;D
But deep maroon will be perfect!


No worries! I will have it finished soon!


@tinmiller, here it is ! Let me know if there are any changes you would like me to make! This is the size of three panels, but when you go to add it into you backgrounds select one panel, it fits better this way.


yeah sorry I replied so late!


I sent the wrong ones lol, here are the real ones
58%20PM 30%20PM


Woah, that looks awesome!


I have the characters ready, when your ready to start helping me, just reply if you have any questions! Thx again!:heart:


yeah of course! send me over all the details and i’ll start asap


Thank you so much!


Sorry I just saw your reply, thank you very much, you explained it very well! x


Hello, :wave:t3:

Thank you very much, I do try! :joy::rofl:

Lots of love,
Ari x