Cover help please?

writing a new story and am wondering if theres any talented artist who could do me a great cover.


I’ll help :slightly_smiling_face:

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that would be great

Message me for details!

Hello, I’m also lookin for some cover art for my story.

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You should post a topic on it

How do I do that, I’m new to these forums.

Oh okay ehh

Idk how to explain it well 1st you go to the main page of art recources
And then you press this button

And then you put a title example
“Need cover art”
And then decripion

Hope you understand @Barbz but if not I could pm you and make you a cover?

sorry, but I don’t see the " + New topic" icon on the main page of art resources

And yes, a pm would be fine.

Well 1st it’s at the top row

Did you get my PM?