Cover idea for "Fake Future"

Hey guys! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I know that there are many creative people on this forum and in the Episode community. So I want to ask you for cover ideas for my already published story “Fake Future”.

Title: Fake Future
Description: Being part of the upper class wasn’t enough, change is needed. When you decide to attend a public school, your life turns upside down, and so does everyone else’s.
Summary: This story centers about Isabelle, a girl from the Upper East Side (New York City). She’s not quite satisfied with her life because she doesn’t like being around the pretentious people her parents call friends. Therefore, she decides to escape one of their parties to go to a club and live like there were no social classes and she was only a girl. During the summer she decides to attend public school, which her parents only halfheartedly allow. On her first school day she meets the people she already met in the club and slowly becomes friends with all of them. However, she lies her way through high school because she doesn’t want anyone to find out who she is and where she comes from.

I hope that is enough information for you to help me. I already appreciate your answers!
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how about something like that with a school background and with her wearing a crown indicating her being upper class?


Maybe you could do the main character looking at a window or a surface of water (example: a lake) but the window/ surface of water contains her ‘‘fake future’’ instead of her own reflection. Idk lol :sweat_smile:

References lol:


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