Cover Idea Help

Hi so I’m writing a story called ‘Blue’ and I don’t know what I want the cover to look like so I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas. :slight_smile:

Story Description

People come, leave and never come back. But when Lars comes into Elle’s life, will he leave her?

MC personality

Somewhat sassy & outgoing

Love Interest Personality

Trusting once you get to know him


Well… the boy can hold her hand from behind and smile a little, and the girl can smile too and in the background there can be lots of shadows of little coats (a representation of the people who left her)

Hope you like it somehow :joy::sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thats what I was thinking except i might have him stand behind her and have his hands across her chest

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that’s a good idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

What background should I use?

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idk maybe something romance full maybe a garten with a full mood or stars in the background… ?
But, when you want to have the shadows in, then you could use a something dramatic full background :sweat_smile::thinking:

here is a pic of the MC & LL


Oh, Do you need someone who do your cover ?
Then i would totally recommend @EpisodeGamer1 she makes just BREATHTAKING AND AMAZINGS covers and splashes!! :heart_eyes:

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I do need someone to make it. Actually she recently made me a REALLY good social media splash

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Wow thats really beautiful !

Has she ever made a cover for u or anything?

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She made me 2 AWESOME splashes

She really is a legend😂

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Yes she is :joy:

So i hope i helped you a little bit :hugs::purple_heart: if not i’m sorry :joy:

You helped me a BUNCH! Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartpulse::two_hearts::sparkling_heart:

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No problem :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart:

Also do u have any ideas of how my MC & LL should meet? The MC is 21 and the LL is 24

Mhh … well maybe you could please tell me more details about your story :blush: so that I can somehow put myself in it.
Like is the Mc working?
Maybe she gets into a fight,
Or two guys want to rob her and the love interest shows up…?
But in my option these are cliche “meet the love intersting”, so maybe something uniqes?
And most readers want to see something else, you know?
So maybe she works at the box office and, then comes the love intersting and has no money and she gives him free and she has it in a hurry and loses her notebook where her phone number is on it and address and maybe secrets … where he be interest in it and wants to learn more about her…:smirk::smirk::joy:
So she does not have to be at the cash register, maybe she loses her notebook on the caffe :thinking: and someone is on the phone and in a hurry, and the love intersting has his eye on her for awhile ( beacouse of her beauty :joy:) since she is in the caffe, and sees that she lost something🤔 …

she could lose her diary and the boy takes it and reads it at home and after a while brings her to her and says that he read it and then she gets angry and hates him, but in the course of the story they like each other, with some tricky things there between …
Lol idk…

well have little ideas but hope you have brought a little advantage :joy::heart::slight_smile:

Oh and by the way is your story out :thinking:?