Cover ideas anybody lol?

Hey does anybody know some good people to go to if you would like a cover drawn for a story? anybody on Instagram? I’ve found many but most of their requests are locked/closed so it would be great if someone told me to check out someone. :slight_smile:
Also for free Because I can’t pay. :slight_smile:



Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged. :grimacing:


Thanks a lot, will go check them out now!

Just went to check them out none of their accounts exist :confused: anybody else?


On insta I’m @wolfylover2478 lololol but I mostly write not make covers And stuff, but I like to do it in my free Time :innocent:

Thanks For tagging me :blush:


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I do requests insta is @/drawinganyway
If i take any requests before i get my ipad it will take longer than when i have my ipad but feel free to message if youre ever needing art of any sort (besides animals) :heart: x


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve sent you a message on Instagram, when you have time could you reply. Thank you

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Thank you very much :smile: I can’t pay :confused: but I appreciate the reply thanks :+1:


I do some for free if ya want

Okay that’s great sorry for the late reply! Do you have an Instagram that I can message you on?

I can do slight edits, if you’re still interested.