Cover Ideas Needed! ASAP! For Story Ready To Be Released

Title: Every Step I Take
Description: Emma has recently lost a friend, but what happens when she meets Valerie, and crosses paths with an angel and demon?

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You want ideas right not artists? I have a few ideas if you want them x

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is valrie the LI? is he both angel and demon? Is he literally an angel/demon?

Valerie is a girl and the LI. There’s a separate literal angel & demon

so whats the guys name…not comprehending. Which is the angel, wich is the demon

is valerie a literal angel and he is a literal demon

Both LI and MC are female and the angel and demon are seperate from them.

i have a idea for your story cover since it is demon and angel but angel can have sweet face and cute wings and more and demons can have harm , and tail and more like his side have be red and dark
and angel side light and gold the text overlay for cover can have a design that fix perfectly @Allie_Diamond_Epy

How about ur MC in the middle with the angel on one side and the demon on the other, with the dementias glowing red onto her and the angel glowing white.

Oooorrr your mc in a romantic pose w/ the LI, with the angel and devil from rear view watching them

Orr MC and LI together with a figure with angel wings and devil horns in the bg

Just PM me for more ideas