Cover image and outro needed please

I’m looking for a cover image and an outro image for a story I’m close to publishing (literally only need these last things to do so). I appreciate absolutely any effort and (if I get more than one), I will alternate these at the start and end of episodes but choose one overall for the story cover (I don’t expect any but ya never know :wink: hoping).

For the cover image, I am looking for something that represents romance as there is a main character and three love interests involved. The title is Addicted To You and the author name will be Bella Montez. As for the picture, I don’t mind you choosing as long as it embodies romance. The plot is based on the main character falling for three different people (a teacher, a best friend and a friends brother). The font I imagine would be something cursive maybe but I leave that completely in the hands of the creator as you will know what looks good and what won’t. Also don’t mind the colour.

For the outro, I can send list of exactly what the characters look like if you’d like to include any in there. Alternatively, I will leave a photo at the bottom. I’d prefer it to have my name and the title on there too if possible.

For both pictures or any that you attempt, please do leave your name or your watermark on the image! I will not remove it!

I just want to thank anybody that does try this for me. If you need any more information, please let me know what I can provide. Thank you so much!!


Hi! I’m not an artist or anything, but I’d recommend art shops. There are probably some shops that can make what you want. Good luck!

If you need edited piece you can have a look at my examples catalogue thread :point_down: and then request, if you like them.

Hey there if u ok with paying my commissions r open with cheap pricea


This is only one if u r interested just like it and i will send sone more


And for prices that too i can send u through pm