Cover images continuously go to "pending review" section even after being approved!


I am facing one particular problem that’s stopping me from publishing my story on Episode because of a glitch or something else, my small (thumbnail) and large images of my story’s covers are getting the green signal of being approved to use it for publication but every time I try to upload the images they start to show the message of “Pending Review”.
This is NOT the first time that I faced this problem but never gets a solution. Kindly can anyone suggest anything to fix this error, so that I can publish at least the first three chapters of my story?


If they approved why you uploading them again? :thinking:


Because without uploading the covers are not showing or visible as my cover images.


They won’t until you publish your story. It’s not a glitch, it’s just the way it is. Once they approved publish your story and they’ll show up there :slight_smile:


Thank God! (And Episode Team also). I just got petrified! :cold_sweat:
I’m relaxed now. Thanks. :grinning:


Thanks for responding @Apes! Closing :slight_smile: