I need a cover artist.

Someone who can make something like this.


I can do that for free or something similar :slight_smile:


If you have Instagram, contact me @epi.dyl

Hiya I need help with my cover.
Can someone pls make a cover for me or if you know anyone that can make one help me get in touch with them so can contact me on Instagram
Pls help!!!

I can help @DAINY_244

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Can anyone make me an cover for my new episode story or do you know someone who can do them.

Did you start the story?

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What episode?

I’m just getting started on it so I’m on the first episode

Maybe ask later on when you done with the third.

Ok thanks

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I’m down just lemme know details nof your interested

Hello everybody, I’m just starting out and I need a cover. Can anybody help me with that?

I can help❤️

What is your Instagram? I think it will be easier to communicate there :slight_smile: mine is @episodeellaa

I added you from Jazzy._.epi

Can I get some help wth a cover

you can make one and show me and maybe we can edit from there.

@Zagical I really need help with my cover I would really like your help on my cover if you would like i will be able to give you a shoutout