If you still need a cover, I can make you one

I can do a basic one any style.

can you help me make a cover

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hey, I stared reading your story and I loved it but then I came back a few days later and it wasn’t there

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Aww thank you so much for at least trying to read it, sadly it got banned since apperantly the use of guns or talking about guns is too aggressive for episode…

ok thanks

Hi, if you still need a cover artist i can do that, please if you need some help contact me and tell me what you were thinking to do.

Hey do you still need an help with the cover? I can do it if you want

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I can do it if you still need it… i prefer to do a cover for a story in limelight so it’s perfect and i do it by drawing by myself so tell me how do you want it and i can draw it for you!

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that’s what happened to me! i fricking loved it!

hey do you think you can make me a cover? mine looks awful! haha

ikr I was so sad when I couldn’t finish it

@epy.goddesses on instagram would be more then willing to help you with your cover!

hey I know that this is just for requesting covers, but I have a question. Are bruises allowed to be on a cover? Not that dramatic ones tho just some on the knuckles.???

Hey Junes!
I really appreciate your help😊
Can you pls pm me to discuss the details?:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes, I think it’s allowed, I have seen covers with “bruises”:smiley:

Of course

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Thank you so much, this really helped! I was scared I might have to redo the cover :expressionless:

hey can you make for me too please

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If anyone still needs a cover INK i am happy to help