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Hello !! I need help with a story cover let me know if you are interested !

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do you have any previous work that I can see?

The art is amazing!!! But at the moment Im going to see if their is anyone willing to do it with out commission .

Oh ok.

Is it LL or INK?

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Hi! I will be more than happy to help you!!
You can check my examples here; ❤ COVERS FOR FREE ❤

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Hi.I’d love to paint you a cover if you are willing to pay.You can see my artwork examples on my Instagram @mystery.artistz and DM if you are interested.

My art shop is open!

The examples and prices are in the link below
Audree’s Art Shop!

Heyy do you do it for free?

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yes i do, but right now i’m not taking requests because i’m swamped with school work, sorry!

It’s okay thanks though

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Hello I’m taking Commissions
Incase you are interested :blush:

My examples for realistic

One full body would be 35usd and two full bodies 45usd
One character hip upwards would be 30usd and two character 40usd
One character bust up 25usd and two characters 35usd

My examples for cartoonish

One full body 25 usd and two full body 30usd
One character hip up 22usd and two characters 27usd
One character bust up 19usd two characters 24usd

My Instagram is epii.jessica :blush:

Thanks but I am broke :sweat_smile:

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:two_hearts:no probsss

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Hi, I can try to either edit it or draw it for you. Let me know if you’re are interested, message me privately.